Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fleur de Lis Galveston?

Oh, buckle up for the ultimate luxury getaway at Fleur de Lis Galveston! Picture this: a historic gem transformed into a lavish vacation rental, boasting elegant decor and all the comforts you could dream of. With three bedrooms, two baths upstairs, and cozy sleeping quarters downstairs, it’s your choice how much of the house you want to rent (2, 3, or 4 Bedroom options) there’s space for everyone! Get ready to indulge in modern open living spaces that’ll make you never want to leave!

What accommodations does Fleur de Lis Galveston offer?

Get ready to be wowed by Fleur de Lis Galveston’s top-notch accommodations! With three plush bedrooms, two lavish baths upstairs, plus a cozy sleeping area, theater room, and game zone downstairs, the fun never stops! And wait, there’s more—a Tiki Bar for those tropical vibes and a home gym to keep you pumped! Get comfy in king and queen beds, and kids, you’ve got your own special loft with twin beds! You can choose how many of these spaces you want to rent!! Let the vacation adventures begin!


Are there any special amenities or services offered at Fleur

Oh, you bet there are special perks at Fleur de Lis! Score big with our PRIME location—it’s a gem! Why settle for a cramped hotel room when you can have our lavish 5-star home all to yourself? Enjoy exclusive access to your private gym, hot tub, and fire pit—talk about luxury! With spacious modern living areas, king and queen beds fit for royalty, and even a cozy loft for the kiddos, this place screams comfort and fun! Don’t miss out on this rare chance for the ultimate getaway!

How do the hosts ensure guest privacy and comfort?

Get ready for VIP treatment at Fleur de Lis! When you book, you’re the exclusive guests of this dreamy retreat! No need to worry about bumping elbows with strangers—whether you choose two, three, or four bedrooms, it’s all yours! Total privacy and comfort guaranteed—this place is your own slice of paradise!

What are some nearby attractions to Fleur de Lis Galveston?

Get ready to dive into adventure on Galveston Island! From Moody Gardens to Pleasure Pier and beyond, the fun never ends! Whether you’re into thrills or chills, there’s something for everyone—historical tours, ghost hunts, you name it! And guess what? The awesome hosts at Fleur de Lis are your ultimate island guides! They’ll hook you up with the hottest spots, yummiest eats, and coolest activities to make your vacay unforgettable! Let the island exploration begin!


Can Fleur de Lis accommodate special requests or events?

Hey there! Ready to spice up your life with some awesome experiences? Check out Fleur de Lis at http://www.fleurdelisgalveston.com/extras/ for a blast of fun! From romantic escapades to tantalizing wine tastings, and even birthday bashes for both kids and adults, they’ve got it all! Get ready to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories!

How can I book a stay at Fleur de Lis Galveston?

Get ready to book your dream getaway at Fleur de Lis Galveston! Head over to https://www.fleurdelisgalveston.com/ for your best deals and use coupon code NEW GUEST for discounts or find us on AirBnB, Booking.com, and VRBO—your gateway to luxury and relaxation! Don’t wait, your adventure awaits!

What makes Fleur de Lis Galveston unique?

Get ready to step into a time machine of luxury and adventure at Fleur de Lis Galveston! Located smack dab in the historic charm of the National Silk Stocking District, we’re your portal to the past with a dash of modern flair! With the beach, Seawall and Pleasure Pier to the south and vibrant entertainment and shops to the north, plus easy access to cruise terminals and ports, you’re surrounded by excitement! Get ready to make memories that’ll last a lifetime in this timeless treasure trove!

Is Fleur de Lis Galveston suitable for families?

Yes, Fleur de Lis is an absolute blast for families! Picture this: a newly renovated historic house with all the bells and whistles. Fleur de Lis is a family dream! With its elegant yet modern vibe, it’s perfect for all ages. Four bedrooms, including a custom double loft, mean everyone gets their own cozy space. Plus, there’s a fun bar, spacious den with a huge TV, and a game area with something for everyone. Throw in a hot tub and fire pit with grilling station outside and It’s family paradise!

Is Fleur de Lis Galveston pet-friendly?

Oh, pet enthusiasts, brace yourselves! At the Fleur de Lis Galveston, while elegance reigns supreme, alas, our furry friends must seek alternate accommodations. But fear not! Galveston’s vibrant offerings promise delightful adventures for both you and your beloved pets! Our wonderful hosts can recommend boarding suggestions if needed, ensuring your pet’s comfort while you revel in Galveston’s splendor.