September 28, 2023

Fleur De Lis Galveston: Crafting Stories, One Guest at a Time

Fleur De Lis Galveston

Every place has a story to tell, but at Fleur De Lis Galveston, stories are crafted with every guest who walks in. This blog takes you behind the scenes, exploring the vision, passion, and people that make Fleur De Lis more than a place to stay.

A Vision Brought to Life

The story of Fleur De Lis is one of passion, dedication, and a dream to offer travelers an authentic Galveston experience. Sondra and Peter, the visionaries behind the property, wanted to create a space that resonated with the city’s rich history while offering all the luxuries of modern-day travel.

Every brick, every beam, and every piece of furniture in the property has been chosen carefully, ensuring that the essence of Galveston is captured in its truest form.

Creating Memories: The Fleur De Lis Way

What truly sets Fleur De Lis apart is its commitment to creating memories. Every guest is treated as unique, with their likes, preferences, and desires considered. Whether it’s a room decorated for a special occasion, a bespoke city tour, or a perfect meal, the team goes above and beyond to make every moment memorable.

Galveston Through the Eyes of Fleur De Lis

While Galveston has much to offer, experiencing it through the eyes of Fleur De Lis adds a whole new dimension. With their deep-rooted love for the city, Sondra and Peter offer insights, stories, and experiences you won’t find anywhere else. From hidden beaches to local festivals, they ensure that guests see the city in its most genuine, most authentic form.


Fleur De Lis is not just a property; it’s a testament to what passion, dedication, and a love for hospitality can achieve. It’s a place where every guest becomes a part of a larger story that’s as enchanting as Galveston itself.

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Fleur De Lis Galveston

September 28, 2023


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